Before I was rudely interrupted…

I feel a little like onetime Daily Mirror columnist Cassandra.

During the Second World War, Cassandra (Sir William Connor) was a victim of newsprint shortages that saw his column suspended. When it resumed at war’s end, he began his column with “As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted…”

The interruption to the Tuesday Commentary on can’t be blamed on the international situation, although it is tempting to blame Covid-19 for everything from shortages to Deep State shenanigans. No, it was of my own making.

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Time to deliver, Minister

Kris Faafoi’s reappointment as Minister of Broadcasting and Media is welcome news, but now he has to deliver.

He was not dealt a particularly good hand when he inherited the portfolio from Clare Curran in the Ardern government’s first term. 

On her watch there was the expectation of a new RNZ TV channel plus a new funding body to disperse government funding to media. However, only a fraction of the necessary funding was forthcoming in Grant Robertson’s first budget. Policy was a long way from practice. Then she fell from grace after a series of blunders.

Faafoi had the chalice in his hands but he needed to have it forensically checked before he was ready to put it to his lips. As a former television journalist, he had the knowledge and experience to know it was likely to contain dangerous impurities.

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Puck Me! It’s more fake news

If the Trump presidency ends ignominiously next week there is no way ‘fake news’ will disappear along with the fake tan and ginger hair that could have been combed from my cat Rufus.

Disinformation is a pandemic. Donald Trump is one of its super-spreaders but, even if his Twitter account is placed in quarantine, his removal from the White House would no more end ‘fake news’ than Regeneron cured him of Covid-19.

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