Did I just buy my last radio?

When I bought a new radio last week, I wondered whether it was the last one I would buy.

No, I’m not planning to part this mortal coil any time soon, but I did wonder whether the wireless was headed for the scrapheap.

After all, smartphones are the new Swiss Army Knife and podcasts are a growth market. Conversely, the daily reach of radio among New Zealand audiences has dropped by 30 per cent since 2014 and it is a straight-line rate of decline.

So here I was, splurging $27.00 on a portable pocket AM FM transistor radio (with emergency flashlight, I might add) and hoping that radio wasn’t dead before Amazon managed to deliver it across Covid-tossed seas. Continue reading “Did I just buy my last radio?”

Stop the rot in media workplace culture

I have received a copy of a social media post that appears to be the result of the judgement-impairing effect of emergent testosterone in Year 9 schoolboys. It was sexually explicit and gross.

Unfortunately, it was not the work of a spotty teenager with a warped understanding of manhood. It was created by a prominent member of a major New Zealand media organisation.

I hasten to add that it was not sent to me by its creator. It was forwarded by a contact who shares my unease at the persistence of unacceptable cultures within the country’s media. Continue reading “Stop the rot in media workplace culture”

5G Coronavirus conspiracy theorists applaud demise of sub-editing


A recent item on the Stuff website reminded me – as if I needed reminding – why we should all bow down and thank God for sub-editors.

Pacific health director Gerardine Clifford-Lidstone told MPs the virus had ‘seeded itself’ in Auckland’s gang communities and among rough sleepers during an online select committee briefing on the Government’s response to the pandemic.

Either the Delta variant has mutated to the point it can travel via broadband or that story and a sub-editor had only the briefest of encounters, if they met at all. At least the name was correct: She is Gerardine, not Geraldine. Continue reading “5G Coronavirus conspiracy theorists applaud demise of sub-editing”