Can’t Believe Your Eyes or Ears?

An address to the New Zealand Skeptics Conference 18 November 2018

It would be comforting to think that a society dedicated to the promotion of critical thinking would be immune to the effects of disinformation. As Skeptics, you are supposed to question the validity of statements, to examine whether there is objective support for the claims made. Your powers of critical thinking will stand you in good stead but even you are not immune to disinformation. Continue reading “Can’t Believe Your Eyes or Ears?”

Fake News: How to destroy trust and poison democracy

A presentation in the Thinktalk series

Organised by Selwyn Community Education 

Selwyn College Auckland 26 June 2018


Fake News: How to destroy trust and poison democracy. You might think that sounds like a gross over-statement. I hope by the time you have finished reading this you will come to see that it is too close to the truth for comfort. Continue reading “Fake News: How to destroy trust and poison democracy”