NZ media in a Covid world

Magazine closures and mass redundancies threw the New Zealand industry into a state of shock and uncertainty. From it could emerge a new media landscape. New Zealand can be a model for vibrant sustainable titles if it capitalises on the qualities that already drive our media entrepreneurs. I took part in a FIPP Insider webinar discussion of the possibilities with Magazine Publishers Association executive director Sally Duggan and, from London, the CEO of the periodical publishers international body (FIPP), James Hewes.

2 thoughts on “NZ media in a Covid world

  1. Enjoying your thoughts as ever on the video Gavin.
    Isn’t there news on the sale process for the former Bauer titles now? I’ve seen reporting on most of them coming back, with North & South and Metro now with two separate owners.

  2. Gavin Ellis – Gavin Ellis is a media consultant, commentator and researcher. He holds a doctorate in political studies. A former editor-in-chief of the New Zealand Herald, he is the author of Trust Ownership and the Future of News: Media Moguls and White Knights (London, Palgrave) and Complacent Nation (Wellington, BWB Texts). His consultancy clients include media organisations and government ministries. His Tuesday Commentary on media matters appears weekly on his site
    Gavin Ellis says:

    Yes, that’s right. The webinar took place before the Bauer announcement. I discuss it in my Tuesday Commentary that will be posted here at 5 am NZT tomorrow

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