That existential crisis again

A Zoom presentation by Dr Gavin Ellis delivered to the Ponsonby U3A on 12 June 2020

The bad news is that journalism has taken a body blow during the Covid-19 crisis. And, like so many in my age group, the damage has been caused not so much because it tested positive to Covid-19 but because it has underlying health issues.

Since the announcement that the country would move into lockdown, close to 600 people employed in the news media have lost their jobs: 237 when Bauer closed down its entire New Zealand magazine operation, 200 from NZME including the closedown of Radio Sport, and 130 from the beleaguered MediaWorks (but not from  TV3, because MediaWorks was trying to flog it off). AGM closed three architectural magazines. There will be others that passed without notice.

Blame for the layoffs and shutdowns was laid at the feet – probably more appropriately the spike protein – of Covid-19. And it undoubtedly played a part. Media company cashflow during the lockdown declined by up to 70 per cent. But it was by no means the complete story.  Continue reading “That existential crisis again”

Travelling the Same Road

Address on the effects of disruption

NZ Taxi Federation Annual Conference


2 October 2019

Remember that kid at school? The one who disrupted the class until he was sent into the corridor or everyone thought he was really cool and joined in the fun?

We were too young then to understand the effect of disruption. We certainly understand it now.

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Ethics, Politics and the Media: Influences on the voice of business

An address to the Corporate Affairs and Communication Leaders’ Summit

Auckland, 20 August 2019


Let me begin with a consumer warning: The following doesn’t exactly follow the title.

Yes, it will address ethics, politics, the media, and business.

However, it will do so in the context of expectations rather than influences. In other words, it is about things you will have to factor into your future, rather than having you recognise the somewhat more discretionary effects that a word like ‘influence’ might denote.

In order to paint this future for you, I need to take you back into the relatively recent past. Continue reading “Ethics, Politics and the Media: Influences on the voice of business”

15.03.2019: How media reported a date no New Zealander will forget

Day 1
The events in Christchurch on 15 March 2019 are still vivid in all our minds so I do not need to revisit each stage the attack. Suffice to say that there was a remarkably short space of time between police receiving reports of gunfire to the arrest of the gunman: A mere 21 minutes. Of course, at that stage, police did not know he was acting alone, and the emergency extended well beyond that 21- minute timeframe. Continue reading “15.03.2019: How media reported a date no New Zealander will forget”