A one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple person eater

New Zealand’s media must stop pandering to over-sensitivity about gender identification.

I am becoming annoyed by ongoing reports that “a person” has been the subject of this or that, with no indication that it is man, woman, boy or girl.

The only plausible reason for the nomenclature is that “person” avoids the possibility of giving offence to someone who may no longer identify with their sex at birth.

How likely is that?

I am not a statistician but if less than five percent of the population identify as LGBT+ (according to Statistics New Zealand estimates), that means there is at least a 95 per cent chance the ‘person’ in the story would not be offended by reference to their birth gender. Continue reading “A one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple person eater”

2022 New Zealand Radio Awards

Radio ratings are not the only area in which our media are selective and approach from a partisan viewpoint. I searched news media in vain for a full list of finalists and winners at last night’s radio awards. Broadcasters NZME, MediaWorks and Radio New Zealand each praised their own successes but were silent on the achievements of others. So, for those of you who wanted an overall picture of what our radio industry achieved in the past year, here is the list posted by the Radio Broadcasters Association on its website.  Just click on the link below:

2022 NZ Radio Awards Finalists & Winners copy

Radio ratings recipe: Sliced, diced and spiced.

Today’s cookery class is about preparation or, more precisely, how to slice and dice.

The ingredients for this lesson are two major radio operators, 3.7 million people aged over 10, and one audience survey company. The recipe can be found in the GfK New Zealand Commercial Radio Second Survey 2022.

The real attraction of this recipe is that it can be cooked so many different ways and that makes it a favourite with the radio networks. The secret lies in the way you chop up the ingredients.

The best way to demonstrate the versatility of this recipe is to take you through the way it was cooked following the latest delivery of ingredients last week. Continue reading “Radio ratings recipe: Sliced, diced and spiced.”

The bad news is people are avoiding the news


Last weekend I received an email from an eminent journalist telling me that, with the exception of RNZ’s “Moaning Report”, he was avoiding the news. He is not alone.

He attached an essay from last Friday’s Washington Post that was headed “I stopped reading the news. Is the problem me – or the product?” It was written by Amanda Ripley. No, not the character from the Alien film and video game franchise, but a former Time magazine correspondent who has covered more than her fair share of horror. You can read her essay here. In it she shared a guilty secret: She has been actively avoiding the news for years. She is not alone. Continue reading “The bad news is people are avoiding the news”